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Child Benefit 2019/2020

Child benefit is a payment by the government to support certain people who are responsible for children up to the age of 20. The amount you can claim, if at all, depends on yours and your partner's circumstances, as well as the number of children you are responsible for.

2019 Guide to Self-Employed Paternity Pay

When you're a self-employed dad-to-be getting to grips with your paternity pay rights will help with: planning the...

Universal Credit When You’re Self-Employed

Claiming Universal Credit When You're Self-Employed could provide you with some much needed financial support: While you build...

How Much is Universal Credit?

Universal Credit is a financial support system introduced by the government in October 2013. It was designed to simplify...

New Enterprise Allowance Scheme

The New Enterprise Allowance Scheme ('NEA') is a government initiative to help unemployed people to: Go self-employed and start...

Claiming Working Tax Credits When You’re Self-Employed

Working Tax Credits are available to eligible individuals who earn below a certain threshold, including those who are self-employed. 

Tax-Free Childcare for the Self-Employed

The Tax-Free Childcare system is available to self-employed parents, to help them with support for childcare costs.  If...
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