How to Build an Emergency Fund

how to build an emergency fund

An emergency fund acts like a financial buffer that keeps you afloat when you are faced with an unprecedented financial crisis. Here’s how to build one and advice on working out how much you should be saving.

5 Ways to Feel Financially Confident in 2022

how to boost your financial confidence

Are you financially confident or financially timid? It determines the way you feel about money and the choices you make. If you feel timid, then here 5 ways to boost your financial confidence, shift your mindset & create a new set of money habits to set you up for financial success in 2021.

The Basics of Personal Budgeting

personal budgeting basics

For most people, the mention of the term budget conjures up images of frugality and the overwhelming task of crunching numbers. However, contrary to the widely held view, a budget is the cornerstone that will help you to create a solid financial foundation. Setting up a personal budget allows you to understand how much money you …

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