How to Price Your Services and Products

Let’s be honest, one of the major reasons we’re in business is to make money. Ideally, as a self-employed business owner, you do something you love by selling a service or product to your customers. However, if you don’t make a profit and you’re selling less than the costs, it’s likely your enterprise will fail. … Read more

What is an Invoice?

what is an invoice

An invoice is a legal document sent customers to request payment. Here you’ll learn what they look like and what information they must have.

What Details Should I Include on a Sales Invoice?

what details should you include on a sales invoices

Even though sales invoices can take different formats, there is certain info that you are legally required to include every time you bill your clients. Use the information in this guide to check you are including everything you should.

What is the Tax Point of a VAT Invoice?

what is the tax point of an invoice

The tax point of an invoice is the date used for VAT purposes to determine the date that VAT must be charged and which VAT quarter it gets included in. Here are the most common scenarios and the tax point to use.

How to Work Out Your Hourly Rate (+ Free Self-Employed Hourly Rate Calculator)

self employed hourly rate calculator

Your hourly rate is more than just the amount you think your clients are willing to pay you for your services. It’s about the profitability of your business and how you value yourself. In this guide, I’ll show you how to calculate your self employed hourly rate so you get paid exactly what your worth, cover your costs and avoid some common pricing mistakes.