Blind Person’s Allowance 2019/2020

The Blind Person’s Allowance is an additional amount of personal allowance given to those who qualify to claim it. The additional allowance means anyone who is eligible to earn more before paying tax. Blind Person’s Allowance 2019/2020 The allowance changes every tax year. The current allowance is: The current personal allowance rates are: That means (more…)

Do I Have to File a Tax Return Even If I Made No Money?

Taxes can be time-consuming and expensive to deal with. What can feel more frustrating is having to deal with filing a tax return even if you have made no money. Unfortunately, time, money or lack of understanding is no excuse in the taxman’s eyes. So you may well find yourself in the situation of having (more…)

Allowable Expenses List When You’re Self Employed

Understanding allowable expenses when you are self employed is the main way you will reduce your tax bill. When you are self employed generally speaking all business expenses are tax allowable if they are ‘wholly, necessarily and exclusively’ incurred in the performance of your business. Here’s an example: if you are a Self Employed Web Designer and (more…)

Repaying Your Student Loan When You’re Self-Employed

If you’re a university graduate, you’ll still have to repay your student loan when you’re self-employed. When you’re self-employed you’ll have to repay your student loans alongside your tax and national insurance. That means some people are faced with a large unexpected bill. So don’t bury your head in the sand. How to Repay Your (more…)