5 Reasons You’re Not Building a Successful Business as Fast as You’d Like To

5 reasons you're not building a successful business

Are you concerned you’re not building your business as fast as you’d like to? Here are 5 strategies you need to build a successful business.

Do I Have to Register My Side Hustle as a Business?

do I have to register my business

Are you lying awake at night worried the tax-man is lurking around the corner because you should have registered your side hustle as a business? Well, worry no more! In this guide, I’ll show you the rules you need to know about registering a business, what it means for your taxes, tax code and what you need to do next.

Do You Need Business Insurance to Work as Self-Employed?


A jargon-free guide to self-employed insurance including the different types available, how to choose what cover you need and get quotes

What is Cash Inflow Definition & Examples

cash inflow definition and examples

Cash Inflow Definition Cash inflow refers to all the cash that comes into your business. This might come from sales, or financing or investments. Read the cash inflow examples below for a better understanding of how it works. Cash Inflow Examples Customer payments; Bank loan receipts; Bank interest; Sale of fixed assets; Supplier refunds; Directors …

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Accounting Entries for Invoice Discounting

accounting entries for invoice discounting

The accounting entries for invoice discounting need to reflect the trade debtors position correctly but also the liability of the money loaned to the business. Example of the Accounting Entries for Invoice Discounting Biz Ltd has an invoice discounting arrangement with a lender who offers them 75% prepayment on all invoices raised, at a charge …

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