How the Self-Employed Tax Works

A jargon-free guide to self-employed tax & national insurance along with examples of working out tax, ideas on reducing your tax bill & when to pay HMRC.

Self Assessment Tax Return Penalties Explained

self assessment tax return penalties explained

If you have filed your tax return late and failed to pay your tax on time then HMRC will automatically issue two types of penalties – one for not putting your return in and another for failing to pay tax, along with interest on what you owe.

5 Essential Questions to Ask Before You Hire an Accountant

hire an accountant

Are you planning to hire an accountant? Have you spoken to a few but still feel unsure about what they are telling you or if you’ve asked the right questions? Here are 5 essential questions you must ask before you hire an accountant.

Tax When You’re Employed and Self-Employed

tax when you're employed and self-employed

⁠Read this guide to find out how tax works when you’re employed and self-employed, whether you need to pay extra tax and what documents you need to check.