Strategic Tips: How to Price Services and Products

Let’s be honest, one of the major reasons we’re in business is to make money. Ideally, as a self-employed business owner, you do something you love by selling a service or product to your customers. However, if you don’t make a profit and you’re selling less than the costs, it’s likely your enterprise will fail. …

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How to Set Financial Goals (And Achieve Them)

how to set financial goals

Have you set financial goals for your business? Here, you can learn why & how you should do this & what to include to achieve financial goals.

Accounting for Self-Employed Business Owners

accounting for self-employed business owners

Accounting can feel confusing, especially with so many accounting softwares out there overwhelming you with functionality and pricing options. In this guide I’ll explain all about accounting, show you what you need to do and which systems will help you. Read on for some peace of mind!

An Accounting Glossary for Every Small Business Owner

accounting glossary small business owner

Accounting for small business owners is often a total minefield, especially if this is their first time being fully exposed to all the different terminologies accounting garners. It’s quite intimidating to get your head around but it’s also crucial to running your business and getting it off the ground. To reduce the feeling of ‘accounting …

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What are the Tax Benefits of Going Self Employed

Tax benefits of going self employed

Going Self Employed brings freedom, flexibility and the opportunity to build a business you love.  But what about the tax benefits of going self employed? If you are in full time employment and wondering what you may gain by going self employed, then you have come to the right place. The Tax Benefits of Going …

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Accounting Entries for Invoice Discounting

accounting entries for invoice discounting

The accounting entries for invoice discounting need to reflect the trade debtors position correctly but also the liability of the money loaned to the business. Example of the Accounting Entries for Invoice Discounting Biz Ltd has an invoice discounting arrangement with a lender who offers them 75% prepayment on all invoices raised, at a charge …

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