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Important 2019 Tax Dates for the Self Employed

Here are the 2019 Tax Dates that are important if you are self employed along with a handy infographic for you to save and keep.

Income Tax Bands 2018/2019

The Income Tax Bands for 2018/2019 in the UK are set as: Band Taxable Income Tax rate Personal Allowance Up to £11,850 0% Basic rate £11,851 to £46,350 20% Higher rate £46,351 to £150,000 40% Additional rate over...

The Personal Allowance for 2018/2019

The Personal Allowance is set by the UK Government. It is £11,850 for 2018/2019 but it changes every year on 6 April. Here's how it works and how to claim it.


How to Start a Home-Based Catering Business

Love cooking? Ready to turn your hobby in a serious business? Here's how you get started on the road to being a self-employed catering business owner.