Accounting for Self-Employed Business Owners

accounting for self-employed business owners

Accounting can feel confusing, especially with so many accounting softwares out there overwhelming you with functionality and pricing options. In this guide I’ll explain all about accounting, show you what you need to do and which systems will help you. Read on for some peace of mind!

Understanding Self-Employment

understanding self employment

I’ve gathered together my most useful guides to create this ‘super series’ where you can learn the basics of self-employment including registration, taxes and accounting. So if you’re stressed about your finances or worried you’ve missed a step when you set up your business, read this series and you’ll feel calm an in control of your self employment finances. Spoiler Alert: It’s easier than you think!

Tax Guide for Self-Employed Virtual Assistants

Tax Guide for Self-Employed Virtual Assistants

A jargon-free guide to taxes for self-employed virtual assistants, including registering with HMRC, self-employment taxes, VAT and tax deductions.

Keeping Tax Records and Bookkeeping When You’re Self-Employed

keeping tax records when you're self-employed

Bookkeeping isn’t the most exciting of jobs when it comes to being a small business owner/self-employed. But it’s essential. In this guide I’ll show you how to set up a simple bookkeeping system and how to stay on top of it.

Can You Be Self-Employed and Only Work for One Company?

Can You Be Self-Employed and Only Work for One Company?

Understand your employment rights when you are self-employed and only work for one company.

The UK Personal Allowance Explained

HMRC personal allowance

The Personal Allowance is set by the UK Government. It is £12,500 for 2019/2020 but it changes every year on 6 April. Here’s how it works and how to claim it.