The 2019/2020 tax year begins on the 5 April 2019 and if you are self-employed here are the new tax rates that will affect you.

Personal Allowance

Personal Allowance£12,500£11,850
Personal Allowance Income Limit£100,000£100,000

The personal allowance is the amount you are allowed to earn tax free.

The Personal Allowance you are entitled can increase if you claim the Marriage Allowance or Blind Person’s Allowance.

The Personal Allowance is reduced by £1 for every £2 of your income over £100,000.

So if you earn more than £123,000 you will lose all your Personal Allowance.

Income Tax

Basic rate 20%£12,501 to £50,000£11,851 to £46,350
Higher rate 40%£50,001 and £150,000£46,351 to £150,000
Additional rate 45%over £150,000over £150,000

Class 2 National Insurance

Small profits threshold – no NICs below this threshold£6,365£6,205
Class 2 National Insurance£3.00 per week£2.95 per week

Class 4 National Insurance

Small profits threshold – no NICs below this threshold£8,632£8,424
Class 4 National Insurance 9%£50,000£46,350
Class 4 National Insurance 2%over £50,000over £46,350

Want to estimate your tax bill? Read my post on Self-Employment Taxes which shows you how to work out how much tax you’ll need to pay on your earnings

Annual Investment Allowance

Annual Investment Allowance (from 1 January 2019)£1,000,000£200,000

Learn more about the benefits of the Annual Investment Allowance here.

VAT Registration

VAT Registration£85,000£85,000
VAT Deregistration£83,000£83,000
Cash and annual accounting scheme
turnover limit
Cash or annual accounting deregistration
turnover limit
Flat rate schemes turnover limit£150,000£150,000
Flat rate schemes deregistration turnover limit£230,000£230,000

Read more about the VAT flat rate scheme, its benefits and whether you are entitled to join the scheme in this post.

Mileage Allowance Rates

 First 10,000 MilesOver 10,000 Miles
Cars and vans45p25p
Motor cycles24p24p

Learn more about Claiming Business Travel Here.

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