Tax Advice for UK Influencers

Tax for UK Influencers

This tax guide is designed just for UK Influencers. While Influencers have changed how advertising works and the way people shop, it has bought with it a range of tax questions by Influencers. This guide helps to clarify key topics like: Getting HMRC registered; Taxes that Influencers need to pay; Responsibilities; Reducing your tax bill. … Read more

Tax Advice for Self-Employed Gardeners

tax advice for self-employed gardeners

Here’s some tax advice for self-employed gardeners to help you understand: What taxes you need to pay; How to reduce your tax bill; More about self-assessment tax returns. Not yet registered as self-employed? Here’s how to do it What Taxes Do Self-Employed Gardeners Pay Self-employed gardeners are responsible for working out their own taxes and … Read more

PAYE Payment Reference for HMRC

payment reference for PAYE

PAYE Payment Reference for HMRC. Using the correct PAYE reference is crucial because it lets HMRC know how to allocate the payment you are making. Here’s how you work out your PAYE payment reference. As an employer, using the right payment reference for HMRC PAYE is essential for getting your payments over on time, allocated … Read more