What is an R38 Tax Claim Form?

r38 form explained

An R38 form is used to claim a tax refund from HMRC by UK individuals who are registered for self-assessment or are employees paid through PAYE. Find out more about this tax claim form, where to find it and key information required when it comes to filling it out depending on income and employment status.

What is a P32?

p32 form

A P32 is an HMRC form used until 2013, when RTI submissions were introduced, to summarise income tax, student loans and national insurance owed by an employer to HMRC by each PAYE month along with details of things like statutory maternity pay and statutory sick pay.

How Does Tax Work in a Partnership?

how does tax work in a partnership

Once you’ve decided to set up a partnership, then next question that often plays on peoples mind is ‘how does tax work’? If this question is at the top of your worry list, then this guide is for you. Here’s you’ll discover more about tax for partnerships, how you report earnings, how much you’ll pay and where you can find more reading on legally reducing your tax bill.