What is an L17 Statement of Earnings?

L17 statement of earnings

Understand the L17 statement of earning form, who completes it and when it can be used, and see an example form.


sa250 hmrc

Find out about the SA250 form issued by HMRC to taxpayers in the UK, when it is issued and what information it contains. 1. What is an SA250 from HMRC? An SA250 is a welcome letter issued by HMRC to taxpayers newly registered for self-assessment. Once successfully registered, HMRC allocates the individual with a UTR …

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Taxes on Affiliate Income Explained

tax on affiliate marketing income

Understand what tax you need to pay on affiliate income, tax-free exemptions that exist so you can keep what you earn & letting HMRC about your income.

Employers National Insurance Rates Explained

employers national insurance rates

Understand employers national rates, how employers pay NI on the salaries they pay as well as on benefits in kind.