Business Expenses

From clothing and cars to your home office, these guides will take you through the basics of allowable expenses and what you can and can't claim against your taxes.

Claim Everything You're Entitled to and Reduce Your Tax Bill.


how to buy a car for business as a sole trader

Can I Buy a Car Through my Business as a Sole Trader?

Given the costs involved and potential tax saving, asking if you can buy a car through your business as a sole trader is pretty common. In this guide, I’ll show you the options available to you to help you decide how and if you can claim your car as an expense.

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claim for clothing as a tax deduction

Claiming for Clothing When You’re Self-Employed

I’ve updated this post 8 April 2020 So it is very common for me to be asked about claiming for clothing when you’re self employed as a business expense. It’s hardly surprising. After all self-employed individuals and sole traders want to claim everything possible to their reduce your tax bills. When it comes to clothing,

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disallowable expenses explained

Disallowable Expenses Explained

I’ve Updated 08 April 2020 Not all your business expenses are tax deductible, even if you incur them as part of running your small business. These costs are known as disallowable expenses. HMRC sets out clear rules as to what you can and can’t expense. In this post, I’ll help you to understand what they

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