How Does the Starting Rate for Savings Work?

starting rate for savings

The starting rate for savings lets many UK individuals earn up to £5,000 in savings interest without paying tax on it. Check if you’re eligible and how the £5,000 is tapered for those earning more than others.

The UK Personal Allowance 2023-24

Uk personal allowance

The UK personal allowance is set at £12,570 for 2023-24. Here’s how it works, how to claim it and how it is clawed back from higher earners.

Pension Allowance

The Pension Allowance lets UK individuals contribute up to £40,000 each tax year into a private pension scheme. You will then get tax relief on these contributions. How to Claim It If you are employed, your employer will give you the tax benefit of your pension contributions every time they pay you. Otherwise, you’ll need … Read more

The Property Income Allowance Explained

£1,000 property income allowance explained

Wondering if you should claim the £1,000 property income allowance? In this guide, you’ll find out how the property income allowance works, how to claim it and work out whether it’s right for you. 1. What is the Property Income Allowance? The Property Income Allowance entitles individuals in the UK to earn £1,000 in rental … Read more

Blind Person’s Allowance

blind persons allowance

Find out how the blind person’s allowance works, how much is available, who is eligible to claim it along with how to claim it from HMRC.

Marriage Tax Allowance Explained

marriage tax allowance

Find out how the marriage tax allowance works, how much you can claim & the forms you’ll need (including if you’re self-employed).