Can I Buy a Car Through my Business as a Sole Trader?

how to buy a car for business as a sole trader

Given the costs involved and potential tax saving, asking if you can buy a car through your business as a sole trader is pretty common. In this guide, I’ll show you the options available to you to help you decide how and if you can claim your car as an expense.

HMRC Simplified Expenses Explained

hmrc simplified expenses explained

HMRC simplified expenses make claiming allowable business expenses easier for the self-employed, without the need to keep receipts. Find out which expenses fall under simplified expenses and how to claim them on your tax return.

Disallowable Expenses Explained

disallowable expenses explained

Understand which types of costs are disallowable expenses, the rules set out by HMRC as to what can and can’t be expensed in a business and how to handle them when filling in self-assessment tax returns (SA100 form).

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