A Simple Overview of IR35 for Freelancers

ir35 explained simply

In this simple guide, I’ll give you an overview of IR35 so you can understand what it all means, including how it works, why it was set up over two decades ago and show you how to determine whether you fall ‘inside the rules’ because you are what is known as a ‘disguised employee’.

HMRC Averaging Adjustment

hmrc averaging adjustment

Understand the averaging adjustment for authors, writers and artists with fluctuating income or who receive lump sums of money up-front, to help them spread their tax bill over one or two years.

Trading Profits

Trading profits are the amount of money left over after deducting all your business expenses from your business income. They are shown on a profit and loss account for a specific period of time (normally one year).

Should I Pay Class 2 NICs Voluntarily?

pay class 2 national insurance voluntarily

Depending on your profits from self-employment you may not need to pay Class 2 National Insurance. But you do have the option to pay it voluntarily. So why would anyone pay something they don’t have to? Let’s look at why.

How to Reduce Your Tax Bill if You’re Self-Employed

how to reduce your tax bill if you're self-employed

Your tax bill can be the biggest bill that you need to handle when you’re self-employed. But, there are ways you can reduce your tax bill if you’re self-employed while staying on the right side of the tax man. For example, claiming expenses when self employed. Read on to find out more! How to Reduce … Read more

HMRC Payments on Account Explained

hmrc payments on account

HMRC payments on account can be one of the most surprising tax bills for the self-employed, especially when filing their first tax return for the first time. Here’s everything you need to know about tax bills for the self-employed, how they work and how to budget for them. 1. What are Payments on Account? In a … Read more