Simple Assessment Explained

hmrc simple assessment

HMRC always recalculate the tax that someone has paid once a tax year has ended. If for some reason it turns out someone was on the wrong tax code and they owe additional tax of £3,000 or more, then they will issue a simple assessment. What is an HMRC Simple Assessment? If you are employed … Read more

What is a P800 Refund & Letter?

P800 Tax Refund

Find how a .GOV P800 refund works, what’s included on a P800 letter and what to do if you disagree with your P800 tax calculation.

Are you missing out on the tax free mileage allowance of 60p?

Mileage allowance 60p

If you or your staff use their personal cars for business travel, they are entitled to claim back a tax free amount. This is to cover the cost of using their own vehicle for business purposes. For 2018, the tax free mileage allowance for cars and vans is 45p for the first 10,000 miles. And … Read more

How to Claim the Work Mileage Tax Rebate

work mileage tax rebate

Find out how to claim the work mileage tax rebate if you’ve used your personal vehicle for work and your employer has not paid you the standard HMRC tax-free mileage allowance.

Tax Deductible Expenses for NHS Doctors

tax deductible expenses for doctors

As a Doctor, there are no doubt work expenses you are paying for personally, but you aren’t able to get reimbursed for. If you work for the NHS then it is worth understanding the HMRC rules around what you can and can’t claim for against your taxes. This guide is for doctors who are employed … Read more

How to Claim the NHS Uniform Tax Rebate

How to Claim the NHS Uniform Tax Rebate

Find out about the healthcare workers tax rebate for NHS uniforms, how to check you are eligible and how to work out the amount you can claim from HMRC (including making a backdated claim if you’ve missed claiming in previous years).