Sole Trader Templates & Resources

Helping you set up and run the financial side of your business

expenses cheatsheet download
Worried you aren’t claiming everything you are entitled to? Or claimed something you shouldn’t? Use this list of expenses to check what you can and can’t claim. so you’ll have peace of mind you’ve done things correctly
Download this invoice template with all the information you legally need to include and follow my step-by-step guide to customise your template so it matches your brand.
business setup checklist
Worried you haven’t set up your business correctly? Or not sure where to start with the finance side of things? Use this checklist with the steps you need to take with the legal and financial side of things.
sole trader bookkeeping spreadsheet
Track the numbers that matter and be ready for tax-time, with one simple but powerful spreadsheet. It comes with a guide to get you started and, as a bonus, a business budgeting guide too!
sole trader v limited company download
The right business structure is fundamental to protecting yourself, winning contracts and paying the right amount of tax. Download this calculator to help you decide which structure will help you pay less tax.
useful links
Handy links and reading for you to keep, ready for when you do your bookkeeping, come across something you don’t understand and at tax-time.
hourly rate calculator
No one goes self-employed to struggle to make ends meet. Use this calculator to help you calculate the hourly rate you need to be paid to cover your business expenses, personal bills and what you deserve.
Confused by the accounting for your LTD? Unsure how to handle bookkeeping? In this guide, I share the basics of owning an LTD including accounting & deadlines.