How to Complete the “Self-Employment” Section

How to Complete the “Self-Employment” Section. You only need to complete the self-employment section if it applies to you. That’s reasons like you work for yourself, are a sub-contractor under the CIS scheme or a registered Foster Carer.

Get Started

– Click on “Enter self-employment details (page 2)”

tax return self-employment section

You’ll be presented with the first page of the self-employment section and it asks a question that determines which pages you see next.

HMRC ask whether you had an annual turnover of £85,000 or more, this is the VAT registration limit. So if you have crossed this, you may need to register for VAT if you haven’t done so already.

tax return self-employment section

What You Need to Do

– Calculate your business turnover
– If your business turnover during the tax year was less than £85,000 choose “no”
– If your business turnover during the tax year was more than £85,000 choose “yes”

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