Thousands of Self-Employed Workers Overpaid SEISS Grant

SEISS or the ‘self-employed income support scheme‘ was put in place by the government to help people affected by the Corona Crisis.⁠

The scheme paid self-employed workers a fixed amount to give them financial support, similar to the furlough scheme. It paid a taxable grant of up to £7,500 based on income declared on submitted tax returns over the last 3 years.⁠

However, HMRC has now admitted to making mistakes in their calculations overpaying approximately 16,000 claimants accidentally.⁠

The error came from HMRC not processing the correct information from peoples tax returns when calculating their SEISS grant entitlement.

HMRC have promised not to ask for a refund of any money overpaid to avoid putting any additional financial pressure on individuals.⁠

So even HMRC isn’t perfect!

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