3 Time Management Tips for the Self Employed (That Don’t Involve Apps!)


Its hard to imagine a time before apps.  Now it seems there is an app for everything – eating, sleeping, dieting even tracking your pets footsteps! But before apps came along people had to find other methods to help with time management.

Back in 1910 journalist, Mr Arnold Bennett wrote a self-help book titled How to Live on 24 Hours a Day helping readers to manage their time better so they can live life to the full through goal setting and time blocking.

Although lots of things have changed since 1910, we’re still experiencing a similar set of challenges. We’re just too busy.

While technology has without a doubt created a solution for many of life’s problems, there still exists some really simple time management methods we can all make use of that don’t involve apps!

Time Management Tips for Self Employed

1. Start Smart

Scientists confirm that our finest hours are in the morning. How you spend the first few hours of your day sets a precedent for the rest. Start with a good breakfast (scrambled eggs and a smoothie is always a winner!) before creating a clear and precise plan of action for your day.

Use a diary, prioritise tasks, create a plan and stick to it. Dedicate the first hours of your working day to projects that require your full attention, emails can be checked later, and distractions are never good first thing.

Starting your day the right way should give your day the rhythm it deserves.

2. Create time assets not time debts

Spending time on certain tasks now that will create you more time later on is what many would call ‘a wise investment’.

Examples include: hiring the right staff, finding a good freelance accountant or building a website that streamlines your sales process. Such decisions might require your immediate time but could save you valuable time in the future if you get them right.

Some time debts are unavoidable, but when the time comes and you assess new tasks, think: will this pay time later or leave me with more work to do? Think about it.

3. Buy a Kitchen timer

People might look at your funny – but from personal experience carrying a kitchen timer is by far the simplest time hack on this list.

If you must, use the timer on your smartphone, but the idea behind this tip is to get you allocating time slots for each and every task in your working day.

Sounds pedantic, but it’s likely to help you power through any periods of procrastination and get more done. Simple but effective.