Time Management Tips for Freelancers

Time Management Tips for Freelancers

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ method for juggling work and organising your schedule. It’s a skill that requires planning and execution. Most freelancers will agree that the key to good time management is finding a method that works for you.

“As someone who spends much of her working day at a computer working in ‘the cloud’, I find it useful to write all my tasks down in a notepad. While digital reminders are a little more year 2,000, I find the old school method works best for me. Aside from ensuring I don’t forget, my hand-written list also allows me to clearly prioritise and manage tasks. I can work in the moment and not overload my mind with too many tasks or worry about my laptop crashing and losing ‘my list’.” – Sam McDonald

“The key to multitasking is to be realistic with yourself and your clients before making the commitment to take on a project. Your work should be to a consistent quality and should not suffer just because you have several projects on at one time.” – Ben Hains

“I take time management very seriously. Freelancing is nothing like my employment days. Nowadays, my output is everything. If I cannot manage my time on a project it ultimately costs me money. To help I calculate how much time a task or project requires from me and then plan my week accordingly. I find starting larger projects at the beginning of the week, mon/tues and downscaling through to Friday helps me be more productive. Apps like Evernote and Google Calendar can be useful time management tools too but I must admit I love a post-it note too” – Jackie Craig

“I plan my day meticulously. A clear start and finish time along with a couple of tea breaks and some mid-day fresh air, my success with time management lies in the details. I block out distractions like Facebook and other social media and ensure that I give every task the attention required.” – Sarah Higgins

“In my early freelancing days, the multi-tasking limited me. I wasn’t getting enough done. Now I only focus on one key task at a time. Close off all other distractions and devote myself to that tax return I need to submit for my client.” – David Moore

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