Our Favourite Time Tracking Apps for Freelancers

Whether you are an employee, freelancer or run your own business, time is often your top priority. It influences how early you wake up in the morning, the length of lunch break you take, your social life activities and how late you go to sleep.

When scheduling your work time, you might rely on things like a ‘to do list’ or a scheduler tool. But when it comes to tracking time and having a log of how you’ve spent it, you’re searching for something a little more sophisticated; a time tracking app.

To help, we’ve tried and tested some of the best time tracking apps available for freelancers. So if you’re a freelancer who spends much of the day working on projects, why not give one of these a try..


For freelancers who are looking for no nonsense time tracking, Hours is a great app to start with. Key features include smart reminders, a visual timeline and reporting tools which can be downloaded to CSV or PDF. One of the simplest time tracking apps on this list, and it performs really well.


Ideal for freelancers looking to track their time, Everhour is unique in that you can create a time entry and export tasks. For example, you could enter “project1 – writing a blog post on time tracking apps”, and it will automatically start the timer. The reporting extension then allows you to use additional tools like its invoicing application which cleverly links to Xero, so you can invoice your time and projects swiftly once you’re done.


One of the most popular timesheet and tracking work hours app, Toggl features a log of every task, your times and product reports based on time usage. Syncing to the cloud you can track time via the web version and desktop app too under one account. With the desktop app, you get have the power to time your program and website activity automatically. Perfect!


Another simple way to keep track of how much time you spend on tasks and projects. Timely allows you to plan your days ahead and log your working hours, schedule activities and be more productive in the process.

My Minutes

Ideal for the type of freelancer who wants to put a cap on things like web surfing. My Minutes allows you to create goals, give yourself a set amount of time to work on tasks, get notifications when you’ve hit a task goal and will also give you some inspiring quotes along the way. The reports features gives you access to a streak view of how you’re doing. Green dots mean you’re hitting your goals, so keep up the good work! Great for tracking time your spent on a project, increasing productivity and monitoring your own performance.

Pick the Best Time Tracker for You

There are lots of time tracking apps available on the App Store, many of them are very similar, some have unique features and benefits. The apps we’ve listed above are some of our favourites, but finding an app that’s right for you will depend on your workflow and how you work.

You may find that using multiple time trackers is beneficial. Be sure to experiement and find one that fits you. If you think we’ve missed a great time tracking app out on this list, let us know by Tweeting @aa_accountants now!


About Anita Forrest

Anita Forrest is a Chartered Accountant, spreadsheet geek and money nerd helping financial DIY-ers organise their money so they can hit their goals quicker.