UK VAT Return Dates

VAT deadlines

When you run a business, it can be confusing staying on top of all your Tax Deadlines. Your VAT Return Date depends on how you choose to pay but  is usually 1 month and 7 Days after the end of your VAT Period, if you pay online.

For Example:

If your VAT Return Period ends 31 March 2017, then the VAT Return Date is:

Online Banking (immediate) 7th May 2017

By Direct Debit 10 May 2017 (although you must have your Direct Debit set up by 3 May 2017)

By Cheque 28 April 2017 (cleared funds so post your cheque by 20 April)

To Check Your VAT Return Date

I always advise checking your own VAT Return Date on the HMRC website here, according to your own particular circumstances. It’s a great tool and really simple to use!