VAT Guides

From registration to de-registration, VAT schemes and thresholds, these guides will take you through the basics every UK small business owner needs to know.

Coronavirus Support

The Chancellor has announced various schemes to financially support businesses that have been adversely affected due to the Coronavirus pandemic:

VAT Basics

If you’re a small business who is new to VAT and looking for a jump start, then check out these articles to learn the basic VAT terms, registration limits and thresholds:

Register for VAT

If you’re ready to register with HMRC, then these guides will help get you started and simplify the registration process:

VAT Schemes

If you are looking at VAT schemes available to help improve your cash flow and reduce administration, then these guides will introduce you to some of the most popular UK schemes:

Charging VAT

You can only charge VAT if your business is registered for VAT, follow these guides to check you are charging the correct rates on the right services and supplies:

Reclaiming VAT

Claiming back VAT reduces your VAT bill, use these guides to understand what you can and cannot claim as well as handling exceptions, exemptions and split transactions:

VAT Returns

You’ll need to submit your VAT return to HMRC, normally quarterly, to pay over the VAT you owe or claim a repayment. Use these guides to find out more about deadlines and filling in your return.

Paying VAT

VAT Penalties

If you’ve missed a payment or filing a return, then read these articles to help you understand the different penalties, surcharges and fines you may be liable for:


Industry Specific Advice

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