What You Need Before You Get Started Completing Your Tax Return

    What You Need Before You Get Started Completing Your Tax Return. Completing your tax return will be quicker and easier if you get everything you’ll need ready before you get started.

    Getting all the things you’ll need ready in advance will make completing your tax return quicker and easier. You’ll only need details that are relevant to the tax year you are filing your return for.

    So for your 2018/2019 tax return, you’ll need information for 6 April 2018 to 5 April 2019.

    Here’s a list of the things that are generally required to (if something on the list below doesn’t relate to you, ignore it)

    Government Gateway Login and Password

    This is also known as your Personal Tax account. If you have lost your user ID or password, then here’s how you can retrieve them.

    Personal details

    Personal details including your UTR number, national insurance number and bank details if you are expecting a tax refund.

    Partners Information

    If you want to claim Marriage Allowance

    Employment Information

    P45 or P60 if you were employed either full-time or part-time during the year.

    P11d if you were employed and received a taxable benefit like private medical insurance or a company car.

    Dividend Certificates

    Bank Interest Certificates

    Student loan statements

    Pension Statements and Pension Contributions

    Self-Employment Income and Expenses including:

    • Business bank statements
    • Invoices you have sent to your customers
    • Invoices you have paid
    • VAT returns and workings

    Rental Income and Expenses including:

    Get ready details of all the rental income you have collected and any expenses that you paid for in relation to your buy-to-let.

    • Managing agents statements
    • Bank statements showing your rental income and expenses
    • Invoices for anything you have paid for
    • Mortgage statements showing mortgage interest paid

    Previous years tax return and details of any tax losses

    Details of any other income you have received

    If you received any other taxable income like the sale of shares, land or property.

    While I have made every attempt to ensure the accuracy of the contents of the “Straightforward Guide To Completing Your Self-Assessment Tax Return”, I cannot accept responsibility for any losses or penalties you may incur while following the contents. I have prepared the contents for a wider audience so you may need to seek additional assistance relevant to your own personal situation.

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