5 Ways to Develop a Winning Mindset when You Go Self-Employed

What separates successful self-employed people from those that struggle? Well, it may be more than just unlimited start-up money, years of experience or sheer luck.

Successful business owners will tell you it’s about grit and determination, as well as how they adopted a winning mindset.

But what exactly is it? Why do you need it? And, if you’re feeling apprehensive about taking the leap into self employment, how do you get one?

What exactly is a “Winning Mindset”?

When you go self-employed, adopting a winning mindset means having a:

  • Yes mentality
  • Can-do attitude
  • Belief in yourself and your abilities
  • Willingness to be challenged and to learn

When you’re in a positive place, good things happen.

No matter what opportunities come your way or how intelligent you are, if you don’t approach each situation with the right mindset you are setting yourself up for failure.

Whilst some people have an unwavering positive outlook ay all times. Some of us are naturally more cautious.

That means a winning mindset is something some of us have to work at (myself included).

Why is a Winning Mindset so important when you Go Self-Employed

Getting your head in the right place will:

  • Give you confidence when you approach your customers, which by return gives them confidence in you;
  • Allow you to approach every opportunity or problem with an open mind, willing to find a solution;
  • Keep you focussed on your end goal, whatever it is, meaning you make the right decisions along the way.

So, How Do You Develop a Winning Mindset?

Here are 5 ways I recommend to develop a winning mindset when you go self-employed:

1. Focus on your “Why”

Remember your reason for going self-employed – whether it is to make more money, spend more time with your family or just work less.

Once you focus on your desired outcome, you’ll have a more positive experience.

2. Have a Thick Skin

Things will go wrong. That’s life. The key is to not let it bring you down and stop you from hitting your ultimate goal.

Cry or get mad of course.

But get over it quickly and work out a solution to get past the problem.

3. Take Pigeon Steps

The famous saying is “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and it’s so true. When you go self-employed your brain will be working overtime and you’ll have so many things to achieve.

That can lead to feeling overwhelmed and that you are not achieving.

Take small steps and plan out what you need to do, ticking them off a list if it makes you feel better.

Small steps in the right direction are better than no steps at all.

4. Visualise Your Success

It commonly discussed that successfully sportspeople visualise themselves crossing the finish lines.

They see themselves being successful and make it come true. Helping them to break down any barriers.

Follow this mindset and visualise yourself being a success, you’ll see your winning mindset follow.

5. Get Help

Successful business owners get help and find people to help in areas where their skills are weak.

The reality is you simply won’t be able to do it everything yourself.

Even if you’re on a shoestring budget, work out what is best handled by you and get help on other things.

That way you’ll remain focussed on what you are good at, which will lead to success.

Anita Forrest
About Anita Forrest

Anita Forrest is a Chartered Accountant, spreadsheet geek, money nerd and creator of www.goselfemployed.co - a UK small business finance blog where she shares help and advice with the self-employed community to make topics like registering a business, bookkeeping and taxes easy to understand.