Year End Accountant vs Financial Controller

Year End Accountant vs Financial Controller

A Financial Controller differs from your year end accountant because they work within your business, possibly manage staff and take responsibility for setting up accounting systems, preparing management accounts, budgets, forecasts and help analyse performance.

A good Financial Controller will not just suggest ways to create cost savings but will also help the business make decisions to spend money the right way in order to promote growth, help with strategy and often be responsible for liaising with the year end accountants on behalf of the business owners or Directors.  

Commonly in small businesses, a Financial Controller will manage the entire financial function from bookkeeping up to board level decision making. Whether they work as a freelancer or part time member of staff, they represent a member of your team adding to your business size and credibility in the market and with potential lenders.

The Financial Controller often fills the role of an FD in a small business and commonly liaises with the external accountants not just for year end purposes but also to obtain advice, for example where they may feel a tax saving could be made with strategic tax planning or seek advice for staff incentive schemes.

Financial Controllers are in demand as they represent a great all round solution to a growing business, offering some of the talents of a Finance Director which are sufficient for a small business but at a fraction of the cost.  They are rapidly becoming a must have for any startup or growing business who wants to find an accountant who is willing to present themselves as part of the Company or a trusted member of your team. If you believe you could benefit from a Financial Controller then why not get in touch with us for a free no obligation consultation and learn how we can help.

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