5 Benefits of Being a Freelance Accountant

benefits of being a freelance accountant

FREELANCER is one of the buzzwords of 2017. The question is, will you become one?

Startups and technology surround us. This has created a thriving ecosystem for entrepreneurs and there is one thing they’re all looking for: freelancers. Freelance accountants are on the list, and to help, we’ve considered the facts and listed some of the key benefits of the #FreelancerLife.

1. Work-Life balance
Bored of office life? Want more time for the things you love? One of the major advantages of being a freelance accountant is that you can choose when you work. Decide your own hours and work whichever days suit you. You may want to travel more or spend more time with your family.

2. Experience
The monotony of a 9-5 doesn’t negatively affect everyone, but some are searching for something a little more variety. If so, freelancing is a great way to get variety from your working life. You are in control, select the projects and clients that appeal to you and your experience.

3. You’re the boss
Having nobody to answer to can at times be a double edged sword. You assume the risk and the reward. If you’re good at setting an agenda, managing your own time,  have the experience and ability to make the right decisions, freelancing could be a positive challenge.

4. Higher salary, less expenses
Money is not everything, but not having it is. Many people start freelancing as a result of leaving / losing their job. Their survival instinct kicks in and they begin earning an income. As a freelancer you have the option to: upscale or downscale your working hours, apply to freelance opportunities that appeal to you financially or set a rate that meets your expectation. You may end up earning more, as you get to keep the profits, but you do have to fork out for your own equipment, with things like laptop/computer, cost of commuting, insurance and professional membership your own responsibility.

5. Location
Because being a freelance accountant invariably means working remotely, you are free to live wherever you want. You can spend more time out of the city, save time commuting and live wherever your life takes you.

The conclusion
Is the freelancer life for you? Freelancing means freedom, but it comes with a little risk attached. You have the opportunity to shape your career, build a reputation and exceed your professional goals.