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Frequently asked questions

Due to the overwhelming success of the Go Self-Employed website, I have now moved to managing my blog full-time and am no longer a practicing accountant.

That means if you searching for an accountant or have a specific question, I will not be able to assist you because I no longer have the necessary licences.

Absolutely! My goal is to provide my readers with as much useful information as possible and I welcome any contributions from fellow content creators.

Before you submit a post for consideration, please contact me for a copy of my guest post guidelines and to discuss subject. 

After a decade of working with small business owners, I found that many of clients came to me overwhelmed by the many rules and jungle of jargon that surrounds self-employment.

I started this website to unravel the mystery and answer important questions as well to share some of my own experiences from being self-employed myself.

My mission is to help small business owners approach their finances with confidence and manage the money they make, while they do the work they love.

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