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Learn the basics of going self employed, taxes and business planning

Getting Ready to Go Self Employed?

My FREE 6 day email mini course is designed for anyone who is planning to go self employed and is searching for clarity around taxes and business setup. I’ve condensed and processed best practice methods into a 6 day email course after years of working with new businesses and self employed individuals. So if you are serious about being successfully self employed, join my course and save yourself hours of searching around the internet.

Here’s What I Cover:

Day 1 – Turning Your Dream into Reality

Day 2 – Accountability

Day 3 – Making it Legal

Day 4 – Get Professional

Day 5 – Bookkeeping & Record Keeping

Day 6 – Cutting Your Tax Bill

If Your Feel Like

  • You want to understand what going self employed involves from a tax perspective
  • You want to make sense of how to get started as self employed
  • You want to turn your hobby or side business into a full time job
  • You need more clarity around tax, business planning & bookkeeping even if you are already self employed

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