Starting Your Self-Employed Journey?

So, you did it! You followed your dream to go self-employed. But you never expected it to be so confusing – from how to register as self-employed to filing your first tax return.

With so much information out there, how do you know whose advice to trust? If you’re a side hustler or sole trader looking for a trusted resource to guide you through how to set up a business, from handling taxes to bookkeeping, you’re in the right place.

Here you’ll find easy to follow resources, guides & templates on topics like HMRC registration, side hustle taxes and invoicing. Jargon-free guaranteed.

An Introduction

Beginners Guide to Going Self-Employed in the UK

Not sure where to start with going self-employed? Start here! In this guide, I explain how HMRC registration & taxes work along with some other useful stuff you need to know when you embark on your journey to be your own boss.

A Detailed Guide

Self-Employment Tax: How Does it Work?

Taxes are a complicated subject. In this guide, I simplify the topic of self-employment taxes. Read this guide to find out exactly how they work, how much you’ll need to pay and, most importantly, when.

Essential Reading

When to Register as Self-Employed

Wondering if you need to make things official? Here are the rules on registering as self-employed, the deadline and whether you need to do it straight away.

Tax Guide

Tax When You’re Employed and Self-Employed

⁠Tax works slightly differently when you’re employed and self-employed. Read this guide to find out it all works, whether you need to pay extra tax & what you need to check on your payslip.

Business Registration

Do I Have to Register My Side Hustle as a Business?

Is your hobby taking off? Or did you test out a business idea that is proving to be a success? Your next steps may be to register with HMRC. Find out what steps you need to take and when.

Business Setup

Sole Trader or Limited Company? What’s Right?

Limited Companies have the reputation of being tax efficient and offering protection of your assets. But is it as good as it sounds? Find out whether an LTD is right for you or whether being a sole trader will bring you more benefits in this guide.

anita forrest

Worried you’ve missed a step setting up your business?

I get it! I’m Anita, a Chartered Accountant turned content creator on a mission to simplify money and taxes for the self-employed. (I’m also a Spreadsheet Geek and Money Nerd!)

Because starting your own business shouldn’t be so hard. Just because we aren’t taught about money at school, it shouldn’t prevent us from creating a financially stable life on our own terms.

That’s why this website is full of straightforward advice to make topics like taxes, accounting, banking and insurance easy to understand at every point in your self-employed journey. I want to simplify business and tax for UK sole traders and small business owners, like you.

You make money doing what you love; I’ll help you look after it.

More Must Read Articles on Self-Employment

Self Assessment Tax

How to Fill In Your Tax Return Online

If you’re DIY-ing your tax return, then this guide has everything you need! Follow this guide step-by-step, check what information you’ll need and where to find it all. It’ll make tax time a breeze!

Self Employed Expenses

How to Claim Self Employed Expenses

Expenses reduce your tax bill, but you can’t claim them all! Read this guide to check what you can claim and where to enter allowable expenses on your self-assessment tax return.

Business Setup

What Business Records Should You Keep If You’re Self-Employed?

Paperwork urgh! Here are legal requirements set out by HMRC detailing what business records you need to keep and for how long.

Tax Allowances

The £1,000 Trading Income Allowance Explained

The £1,000 allowance could save you a lot of hassle and mean you can earn money tax-free. Find out how the trading income allowance works, how to claim it and whether it’s right for you.

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