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Planning Your Business

Ready to make a realistic plan to start your business? Learn how to refine your business idea and build a plan to create a business that's aligned with your vision of self-employment.

Legals and Regulations

Struggling to understand what steps you need to take to keep your business on the right side of the law? Learn what you need to do on the practical side of things like registration, insurance and bank accounts.

Tools & Tech

Having the right tools and tech streamlines your business, improves customer experience and saves you time. Use these guides to help you navigate the process of choosing and setting up the tech and tools you'll need.

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    Hello, I’m Anita

    A Chartered Accountant turned blogger and creator of this website

    I set out on my mission to simplify self-employment for people seeking more freedom and financial stability back in 2019 after spending more than a decade working alongside small business owners.
    I decided to take my experience and knowledge of going self-employed and juggling family commitments to show others that they can create a steady income doing something they love while staying in control of their time, when they work and how often.
    Don’t believe it’s possible? Then stick with me and I’ll show you how to get through the process of setting up a business and creating that beautiful balance of freedom and financial stability.

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