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Are you dreaming about being your own boss? Do you want the freedom to make your own decisions and escape the rat race? Are you ready for a truly independent lifestyle?

Then becoming self-employed is for you.

I won’t lie and tell you it’s easy or that there is no work required. Self-employment requires a lot of hard work and determination, but there are so many rewards and you can make it whatever you wish.

Throughout this website, I’ll show you how you can go self-employed and be successful at it. I’ll provide you with the resources you’ll need to get set up and manage your money.

I’ve been self-employed for nearly a decade now and during this time I have learnt a lot. It helped that I was a Chartered Accountant working with small business owners, simply because I knew some of their challenges and understood the terminology. However, you do not need to be from a business background to become self-employed.

To start off your learning, read these articles first:

I hope you enjoy these starting articles and look forward to being part of your journey as you become your own boss.


You make money doing what you love.

I'll help you look after it.

I'll help you look after it.

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how to calculate corporation tax

In this guide, I’ll show you how to calculate corporation tax using an easy-to-follow example, along with where you can find more resources on how to reduce your corporation tax bill using allowances, reliefs and other adjustments.

A Beginners Guide to Self Employed Pensions

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I’m not a financial advisor nor am I pensions expert. I’m just someone who has been self-employed for over a decade and has been forced to learn how to manage my money both now and in the future. If you’re puzzled by pensions, then you are probably not alone. I know when I first started…