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Self-Employed Bookkeeping Spreadsheet

Track your income and expenditure in one simple bookkeeping spreadsheet, a template tailored to the needs of the self-employed and sole traders.

22 powerful tabs that save you the hassle of figuring out what numbers and reports you need, with all the complicated formulas taken care of.

Simply enter your income and expenses and let the template do the rest, including generating the numbers you’ll need for your tax return in one single tab.

Take a Look Inside…

This product is not suitable if you are VAT registered or have a Limited Company and only opens in gSheets.

This simple bookkeeping spreadsheet is designed for the unique accounting needs of the UK Sole Traders and Self-Employed Business Owners.

The template comes with all the formulas you need so you can track your income and expenses, estimate your taxes in real-time, a dashboard to quickly see key accounting information and more.

Feel confident that you are recording the right numbers and information ready for your tax return.

If you handle your own small business accounting, then using a spreadsheet is an easy way to track all basic financial information that you’ll need.

It comes with an easy to follow set-up guide so you can get your accounts started in less than 1 hour!

An all-in-one accounts template that automatically calculates the numbers you need to track when you’re self-employed and makes it easy to stay on top of your bookkeeping and invoicing.

Features Include:

Income & Expenditure Template

The template automatically adds up all your income and expenses by category each month, so you can quickly and easily review your accounts to see how you’re getting on with your sales and what you are spending your money on

Customisable Categories

Set up your own income and expense categories and easily allocate your income and expenses using the drop-down menus

Monthly Bookkeeping Checklist

Be reminded of the monthly bookkeeping tasks you should be doing with the checklist

Tax Estimator

The spreadsheet includes a self-employed and sole trader tax calculator (2020/2021) which  automatically estimates how much tax you owe, so you can tuck away your tax money every month

A Single Tax with All the Numbers You’ll Need for Your Tax Return

The template includes a summary tab, automatically adding up your income and expenditure so you’ll have the numbers you need to fill out your tax return or to give to your accountant

Mileage Claim Form

Claim for business travel using the in-built mileage claim form template. Your monthly mileage is automatically included in your expenses each month, using HMRC approved rates for the self-employed

What You’ll Receive

A Google-sheets template and a step-by-step guide to getting started.

A one-time fee. No monthly subscriptions.

This product is not suitable if you are VAT registered or have a Limited Company & only opens in Google-Sheets.


Can I make copies of the accounting spreadsheet template?

The bookkeeping template is yours to keep, so you can make as many copies as you like. That means if you have more than one business, you’ll only need to pay once and make copies of the spreadsheet to use for each business.

Do I need to buy a new bookkeeping spreadsheet every tax year?

The in-built tax calculator is for the UK tax year 2020/2021, so you would need to buy a new version of the template if you wanted one with the latest rates next tax year.

Can different people access the spreadsheet from different devices?

The accounting spreadsheet is created in google sheets, so you can easily share and access the file from different devices. That means you can easily share it with your accountant or do accounts on others peoples behalf.

How to Share a File from Google Drive

Can I personalise the accounts spreadsheet?

You can change the colours and add your logo to your copy of the template. You can also see the formulas, but I don’t recommend changing them because it could affect functionality.

Do you do refunds?

As this is a digital product I am unable to issue refunds.

About the Creator

Hi I’m Anita – Chartered Accountant, spreadsheet geek and money nerd! I’ve been self-employed for nearly a decade and in that time I’ve developed my own simple solutions to managing my money so that I always get paid, stay prepared for tax-time and makes my hard earned cash work for me.

I created the ‘Go Self-Employed’ website to share my knowledge with other self-employed business owners, so they can learn how to manage their finances without the fear they have missed something, paid too much tax or made money mistakes that can undo all their hard work.