Sole Trader Bookkeeping Spreadsheet

A template for UK sole traders and side hustlers looking for an easy way to check how much they are earning, track expenses and stay ready for tax time.

Imagine Being Organised for Tax Time..

With all the numbers you need to fill in your tax return right in front of you. Being fully prepared for how much tax you’re going to have to pay before you get your tax bill.

And having a system that tells you exactly how much you’re earning and stop you forgetting to claim deductions like your home office or when you use your car for work.

You’ve Tried Messing Around Creating Your Own Spreadsheet

But you weren’t really sure what to include and the formulas were a pain! Your business is fairly simple so you don’t need all the bells and whistles of an accounting software – not to mention the burden of learning how use yet another platform with an ongoing monthly subscription.

Wouldn’t be nice if you could find an easy to use bookkeeping spreadsheet that gave you confidence that you’re tracking everything you need to and:

🧮 Estimates how much you’ll owe the tax man in advance of filling in your tax return (including if you’re employed and self-employed)

🧾 Records mileage, cash spending and your home office allowance

📈 Summarises your income and expenses into one simple overview so you can understand what is happening inside your business

📝 You had a single spreadsheet that puts you in control of your business finances to support you DIY-ing your taxes

Well, I’ve got a solution for you

👋🏽 I’m Anita and I’m a Chartered Accountant. I spent 10 years + working alongside small business owners filling in tax forms, preparing accounts and dealing with HMRC.

I created this bookkeeping spreadsheet after helping countless business owners set up accounting systems. I know what numbers sole traders need to be tracking, deductions that help bring down their tax bill and what needs to go into a spreadsheet to generate the numbers needed to fill in a self-assessment tax return.

An easy to use bookkeeping template with all the complicated formulas taken care of so you can focus on what you do best, building your business.

Opening in Excel or G Sheets, the spreadsheet features:

💥 5 simple but powerful tabs that track all the important numbers in your business⁠

💥 An easy to follow getting started guide to help you configure your template and find the numbers you’ll need to do your bookkeeping

💥 A single data entry tab that automatically updates the ENTIRE spreadsheet⁠

💥 Fully customisable income & expense categories

💥 A dashboard where you’ll find the numbers you’ll need to fill in your tax return⁠

💥 Tax estimator that works even if you’re employed & self-employed, so you can set aside money for tax-time, including your payment on account

💥 Cash expenses, mileage & use of home claim forms⁠⁠

The Spreadsheet Is Perfect For:

✔️ UK sole traders and side hustlers with simple tax affairs

✔️ Those using the cash basis for self assessment

It’s not for:

❌ Limited Company Owners

❌ Landlords

❌ VAT Registered Businesses

What You’ll Receive

✔️ A PDF document straight to your inbox, with a link to the excel and g sheet inside

✔️ An easy to follow user guide to get you started with using the template


What tax year does this cover?

The tax calculator in the spreadsheet is for 2023-24 tax year.

Does the Spreadsheet open in excel or g sheets?

Both! You’ll have access to both versions of the spreadsheet for you to choose from.

Does the guide include help on filling in my tax return?

Although the spreadsheet generates the numbers you need for your tax return, it doesn’t include guidance on filling in your tax return. If you are searching for help filling in your tax return then you can read this guide on my website.

What is the cash basis for self-assessment?

The cash basis lets sole traders declare income and expenses on their self-assessment tax returns according to the date money has been paid and received, instead of the invoice date (which is known as traditional accounting). It’s not right for everyone and you can read more about it in this guide on my website

Does this include Excel/g sheets training?

I don’t cover spreadsheet training in this course. Basic knowledge of gSheets and Excel is assumed.

Do you offer 1:2:1 support as part of the training?

1:2:1 support is not included however you can book my ‘Quick Question’ service where I can answer any questions you have.

Do You Offer Refunds?

As the spreadsheet is a digital product, I’m unable to offer refunds.

Can I make copies of the accounting spreadsheet template?

The bookkeeping template is yours to keep, so you can make as many copies as you like. That means if you have more than one business, you’ll only need to pay once and make copies of the spreadsheet to use for each business.

 Does the bookkeeping spreadsheet take account of my employment income?

I designed this template with side hustlers in mind, so there is a box to enter your monthly payslip and tax deduction. The tax calculator then takes account of these figures when working out how much additional tax you need to pay, along with any payment on account.

Can I personalise the accounts spreadsheet?

You can change the colours and add your logo to your copy of the template. You can also see the formulas, but I don’t recommend changing them because it could affect functionality.

Can I ask you another question I have about the spreadsheet before I buy?

I’m happy to answer any questions you have about the spreadsheet. Just send me an email on and I’ll get back to you.