Autumn Business Marketing Boost


Our Autumn Business Boost Series has covered some important aspects of running a business and helpful tips to give your business the boost it needs to beat the post summer blues.  Marketing is one of the most important things your business should do, underpinning sales, raising brand awareness and giving potential customers a feel for what you do, who you are and how you do it.  So if you feel that your business marketing is lacking, then here are some handy tips to give it an Autumn Boost.


Freshen Up Your Website

A Businesses Website can often get forgotten in and amongst all the other important activities that need to be fulfilled. However it’s worth noting that an active website can engage existing or potential customers, raise your credibility, position you as a voice of authority and set you apart form the competition.  Marketing and Sales work hand in hand, so by focussing some efforts into your website you could bolster your sales activity.


Case Studies

Review your general marketing collateral and website to check which case studies you are presenting to customers.  Case Studies are an opportunity to showcase your talents, demonstrate who you have worked with (depending on non disclosure clauses) and make you stand out from your competition.  Putting examples of your work on your website would be a fantastic place to direct potential customers when you speak with them or make you more attractive when people find you online.


Update Market Collateral

Businesses grow and evolve, which includes branding and marketing.  If you have been in business for a while it is likely that you have tweaked your branding.  But have you reflected this across all your marketing collateral, brochures and website? Keep things consistent, make your brand memorable not confusing.

Depending on how your business has evolved and your sales strategy consider whether you need more than one type of brochure, different sections of your website and a range of case studies which showcase each product/service you offer, so your collateral is relevant to each potential customer.


E Mail Marketing

E mail marketing is a low cost and quick way to keep in touch with your customers and remind them about your brand so they don’t forget about you. You can target different contacts according to what they may be interested in.  Not only is it low cost, but there are loads of softwares out there that make an e mail campaign quick, easy to create and fully trackable such as Mail Chimp.


Social Media

Social Media is another cheap, albeit time consuming, way to boost your marketing efforts.  So if you have a neglected LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter account set aside time for yourself or someone else to try and grow your followings, engage with other users and get your brand known. You can use it to increase traffic to your website (all potential sales) or to give potential customers insight into your business as well as humanising your business, which is known to help sales conversions.

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