Autumn Business Sales Boost

Autumn Business Boost Series

Continuing our Autumn Boost Series, here we look at how you can give your Autumn Sales a Boost. After the summer break getting back into the swing of things can feel challenging.  Here are some sales tips to give you and your business the performance boost it may be looking for.


Refresh Your Mission Statement

If you have an existing mission statement, sit down and read it again.  If you don’t have a mission statement, write one.  Take time to consider what you are selling, who you are selling it to and what you want to achieve for your customers. Are you selling your products and services in line with what you expected, have you strayed from what you initially intended to sell or is the marketing not buying what you included in your first mission statement? Your mission statement will form the basis for your sales strategy and the answers to these questions may mean you need re align your sales efforts or even the key products/services your business offers.


Create a Sales Strategy

When you are running a business it is easy to make appointments, meet people and carry out random sales tasks without truly taking a methodical sales approach which focuses on the outcome your business needs.  A sales strategy sets out details of your exact product(s) or service(s) that you sell, gives you a guide to you are reaching out to the right customers, details your sales process to close the deal and corresponding sales targets.


Set Goals

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and struggle to achieve your overall sales goals.  Look at your sales strategy and break it down into what you can realistically achieve over the coming months then set yourself goals, such as to achieve 2 sales calls per day or close 2 new clients per month for a particular product/service you offer.


Invest in Customer Service and Client Relations

Creating a great relationship with your clients or customers can lead to not only long standing working relationships, but also create the opportunity for upselling and recommendations – two really simple ways of boosting your sales without having to start your entire sales process from scratch.  If you don’t see your clients on a regular basis, arrange to meet up and buy them a coffee or dinner. Have a chat about what you have worked on together, get feedback on delivery and ask them to spread the work amongst their own network about your service/product.


Strategic Sales Review

Take a deep dive into your historic sales and customers. It is one of the most powerful analysis you can do for your business. Look at the projects you won as well as those that you lost to get to grips with what you did right and wrong, who your customer was and how you found them.  You’ll soon understand what you should and shouldn’t include and been more prepared for when the next sales opportunity comes your way as well has having real life data to include when developing your sales process.

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