Guide to Making Your Limited Company Dormant

It is really common for Directors to make a Limited Company dormant and there are many reasons they choose to do it. For example: To hold a business name; The Director wants to take a break; Just in case they ever want to re-start their business; For a limited company to be made Dormant, there (more…)

Can I File Dormant Company Accounts?

If you have a Limited Company but don’t actually use your it, then you may be wondering if you can file dormant company accounts. You can file Dormant Company Accounts online if you meet the strict criteria set out by Companies House. As the Director of a Limited Company it is important to make sure (more…)

How to Fill in an AA02 Form for a Dormant Company

How to Fill in an AA02 Form for a Dormant Company. An AA02 Form is issued by Companies House. Don’t ignore any requests from Companies House if you need to fill in an AA02 Form for a Dormant Company. There are penalties for failing to send it in. What is an AA02 Form? An AA02 (more…)

What is a Dormant Company?

Understanding what owning a Dormant Company means is essential to meeting all your filing requirements and avoiding penalties. A Dormant Company has certain requirements with both Companies House and HMRC. That means even if a Company is Dormant, certain paperwork still needs to be filed and there are penalties attached with failing to do so. (more…)

How to Change Your Company Authentication Code

A Company Authentication Code acts as your Limited Company e-signature for filings at Companies House. Here’s a step by step guide to help you change this crucial code to something more memorable. 1. Log Into Companies House Webfiling Head over to the Companies House website HERE and login using your registered email address and password. (more…)

What is An Accounting Period: Definition and Example

An accounting period is the time covered by a set of financial statements. Usually you expect to see a 12 month period. However there are circumstances where financial statements can be more or less than 12 months for example: If they have started trading or; Are closing down. If you have a Limited Company your (more…)

What is Cash Outflow: Definition and Examples

Cash Outflow Definition Cash outflow is defined as all the cash that goes out of your business. Examples of Cash Outflow Supplier payments Bank loan payments Bank charges & interest Purchase of fixed assets Dividends Wages & Salaries Car lease payments Insurance Tax payments Read More: Examples of Cash Inflow Updated 14 April 2019

What is Cash Inflow Definition & Examples

Cash Inflow Definition Cash inflow refers to all the cash that comes into your business. Examples of Cash Inflow Customer payments; Bank loan receipts; Bank interest; Sale of fixed assets; Supplier refunds; Directors loans to the business; Grants & Funding proceeds; Why is Cash Inflow So Important to a Business When it comes to business, (more…)