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Guide to Making Your Limited Company Dormant

It is really common for Directors to make a Limited Company dormant and there are many reasons they choose to do it....

What is the HMRC – Definition & Contact Details

Everyone is affected by HMRC in some at some time in their lives. Here's what the HMRC is about, what they are responsible and how to contact them.

Can I File Dormant Company Accounts?

If you have a Limited Company but don't actually use your it, then you may be wondering if you can file dormant...

How to Fill in an AA02 for a Dormant Company

If Companies House have issued send you a reminder to fill in an AA02 for a Dormant Company, then don't ignore it.

What is a Dormant Company?

Understanding what owning a Dormant Company means is essential to meeting all your filing requirements and avoiding penalties. A...

How to Change Your Company Authentication Code

A Company Authentication Code acts as your Limited Company e-signature for filings at Companies House. Here's a step...

What is An Accounting Period: Definition and Example

An accounting period is the time covered by a set of financial statements. Usually you expect to see a 12 month period. However there...

What is Cash Outflow: Definition and Examples

Cash Outflow Definition Cash outflow is defined as all the cash that goes out of your business.

What is Cash Inflow Definition & Examples

Cash Inflow Definition Cash inflow refers to all the cash that comes into your business.

What are Creditor Days

Creditor days is a measure of how long it takes you to pay your suppliers. How to Calculate Creditor Days on the Balance Sheet Trade Creditors/Purchases *...