Creative Design: 7 Fastest Growing Jobs

Creative Design: 7 Fastest Growing Jobs

The opportunities for building a promising career in the area of design continue to grow, which means future designers have a lot of choices for professional placement in everything from advertising firms and the entertainment market to website development and graphic design. You are in the right place to discover the most promising and high-paying (more…)

How to Make Your Home Office Client-Friendly

home office

Having a home office for client meetings has many advantages: it’s cost-effective, gives you plenty of freedom and flexibility and you’re always close to home in case a crisis occurs. However, the only way you can reap all the benefits of working from home is if you provide your clients with a professional and comfortable (more…)

How to Become a Self-Employed Gardener

Self-employed gardener

If you are looking to become a self-employed gardener, it may be difficult to know where to start and what it all means, especially if self-employment is new to you. Here I share my 10 Steps to Go Self-Employed that will leave you totally prepared to become a self-employed gardener, as well as unravel the (more…)

How to Design a Productive Home Office for a Freelancer

home office

When people hear that you’re a freelancer, many associate that with being basically unemployed. What a lot of people still fail to realize is that being a full-time freelancer is almost the same as having a full-time job, with one of the main differences being the fact that you, yourself are the one that create (more…)

An Accounting Glossary for Every Small Business Owner

accounting glossary small business owner

Accounting can be a total minefield for small business owners, especially if this is their first time being fully exposed to all the different terminologies accounting garners. It’s quite intimidating to get your head around but it’s also crucial to running your business and getting it off the ground. To reduce the feeling of ‘accounting (more…)

Is QuickBooks Making Tax Digital Compliant?

quickbooks making tax digital

Choosing the right Making Tax Digital compliant bookkeeping software is essential. So it is worth double-checking that version of Quickbooks you want to use is indeed HMRC approved. Is QuickBooks Making Tax Digital Compliant? Yes. Quickbooks is Making Tax Digital compliant and HMRC approved. However, there are different versions and you need to choose the (more…)

Making Tax Digital for the Self-Employed

making tax digital self employed

If you’re self-employed, then HMRC’s Making Tax Digital will change the way you have to handle your taxes. What is HMRC Making Tax Digital Making Tax Digital is the total digitisation of the UK Tax System. What that means is that if you are self-employed you’ll need to: Keep digital business records; Report figures quarterly (more…)

5 Ways to Develop a Winning Mindset when You Go Self-Employed

Going self employed right for you

What separates successful self-employed people from those that struggle? Well, it may be more than just unlimited start-up money, years of experience or sheer luck. Successful business owners will tell you it’s about grit and determination, as well as how they adopted a winning mindset. But what exactly is it? Why do you need it? (more…)

How to Turn Stock Photography into a Lucrative Profession

self employed photographer

In this digital age where everyone has a website, blog or advertises online, stock photography seems like a very appealing business. Whether you are a professional photographer or photography is your hobby, you can make money by selling your photos online. Here are some guidelines to help you start off on the right foot.   (more…)