How to Take Credit Card Payments in Your Small Business

In an increasing cashless world being able to take credit card payments in your small business could be the difference between making a sale or not. Taking credit card payments has never been easier – all you need is a mobile phone and card reader which is so small it can go in your pocket!

Essential Tools to Run a Successful Business

Why work harder if you can work smarter? And with a wealth of business tools and tech out available, there’s no reason you can’t. The trouble is knowing which business tools to choose. Here are the the digital tools and resources I have in my arsenal that have made my job easier than ever.

How to Start a UK Bookkeeping Business from Home

A growing number of people are choosing to start a bookkeeping business from home. Why? Well with the entrepreneurial spirit stronger than ever and the government encouraging small business growth, there is more demand than ever for the support of bookkeepers to help entrepreneurs understand their numbers. This growing demand coupled with the relatively low (more…)

Types of Business Insurance When You’re Self Employed

Insurance is confusing but it means peace of mind. Here I look at the different types of self employed insurance out there, help you decide what you need & show you where to get online quotes (along with some extra discounts!).

The UK Challenger Business Bank Accounts Everyone’s Talking About

UK Challenger Business Bank Accounts are changing the way self employed individuals do their banking.  But what’s it all about? And what can it offer you to make your life easier? What are UK Challenger Business Bank Accounts UK Challenger business bank accounts offer easy sign up through an app. You get a debit card (more…)

What is Taxable Income in the UK

It is important to be able to identify Taxable Income in the UK and Non Taxable. That way you know: What income you need to pay tax on; The income you need to declare to HMRC; The way in which you need to declare taxable income.   What is Taxable Income Taxable income is the (more…)

Cheap and Easy Card Machines for the Self Employed UK

Setting Up a Card Machine for your self employed business has never been easier.  All you need is a mobile phone and card machine which is so small it can go in your pocket! Here are 5 UK providers who supply portable card machines ideally suited to small businesses and the self employed.  The one (more…)

Is there VAT on Rent Deposits?

Generally only commercial landlords have to consider the question of VAT on rent deposits. Residential landlords are outside the scope of VAT and so are unaffected. Question: Is there VAT on Rent Deposit? Answer: There is no VAT on Rent Deposits Let’s look at why. VAT can be one of the most confusing taxes a (more…)

How to Check if a Domain Name is Available

To check if a domain name is available you’ll need to use a domain name provider. A domain name provider is a company that is responsible for managing and selling available domain names. If you want to build a website or set up an email address with a specific name, then you’ll need to start (more…)

Tax Advice for Self Employed Mechanics

If self employment is new to you, it can be difficult to know where to start and what it all means.   Here I show you how to get started as a Self Employed Mechanic, unravel some of the confusion around taxes and get you prepped for doing your first tax return. What is Self (more…)