Completing the P11d Paper Form

Completing the P11d Paper Form. The P11d Paper Form can be found on the HMRC website. Once you have completed it you need to print and post it to HMRC.

p11d paper form

When to Use the Paper P11d Form

Completing P11d forms online is often easier, depending on the number you need to fill out. 

Especially since you have the option to print your completed form. 

This saves you the hassle of completing two copies – one for HMRC and one for the employee.

Where to Download a P11d Form

You can download a P11d form here on the HMRC website.

Alternatively you can call HMRC on 0300 123 1074 and have P11d forms posted to you.

Where to Send Completed P11d Forms

You need to post P11d forms to:

P11d Support Team
HM Revenue & Customs
Department 1250
NE98 1ZZ

What is the Deadline for Paper P11d Forms

The deadline for submitting paper P11d and P11d(b) forms is 6 July following the end of the tax year that the benefits were provided. There are penalties for missing this deadline so make sure you take into account postage time.

Class 1a National Insurance is due for payment by Employers by the 22nd July, if paying electronically (19th July if paying by cheque).

The Sections of a Paper P11d Form

The P11d form is made up of 14 Sections.  Only the relevant sections on the form need to be completed.  If no benefit is provided, then that section can be left blank.

Read about each of these separately by clicking on the links below to for further advice on how to fill them out:

A – Assets transferred
B – Payments made on behalf of the employee
C – Credit cards and vouchers
D – Living Accommodation
E – Mileage allowance
F – Cars and fuel
G – Company vans
H – Beneficial loans
I – Private Medical Healthcare
J – Qualifying Relocation payments
K – Services supplied
L – Assets placed at employee’s disposal
M – Other items
N – Expenses payments

P11d(b) Form

If you have completed P11d forms for your employees then a P11d(b) form will be needed too. A P11d(b) form summarises total of benefits provided during one tax year and Class 1a National insurance due.

A P11d(b) can also be completed online here and then posted to HMRC.

p11d paper form

Updated 19 June 2019

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