How to Complete The Self-Employment Section of Your Tax Return

short tax return form

Getting ready to complete the self-employment section of your self-assessment tax return? Confused about where to find the numbers you need and the allowances you need to claim that will help you to pay less tax? Then, this guide is for you! Here you’ll find a step-by-step guide to completing the self-employment section, which numbers you need and extra help with things like capital allowances, CIS and national insurance as well as who can fill in the short-form tax return (SA200) – a real time saver.

How Tax Works for Self-Employed Foster Carers

tax for foster carers

Are you a registered foster carer wondering whether you need to register as self-employed and how much tax you need to pay? Then this guide is for you! Here you’ll discover how tax works for foster carers, which unique tax allowances exist that help reduces tax bills and how self-assessment works.

HMRC Basis Periods Explained

hmrc basis period for sole traders

Find out what a basis period is, why they matter for sole trader taxes and proposed changes being put forward as part of making tax digital.

How to Stop Being Self-Employed

stop self-employment

The steps to take to stop being self-employed, letting HMRC know you need to de-register for self-assessment & wrapping up your taxes.

How Much Interest does HMRC charge on Late Payment of Personal Tax?

HMRC Interest on Late Payment of Tax

With the deadline for making your Self Assessment Payment on Account looming (31 July), you may be wondering what happens if you make your payment late. Well apart from lots of reminders, HMRC will apply interest to the outstanding amount from 1 August.  Currently this is 2.75% (see more here). If you do feel you … Read more