Where to Find Your Self-Assessment Tax Return Form Online

Where to Find Your Self-Assessment Tax Return Form Online. Here’s how to find your tax return online, in case you are not sure if you have the right form in front of you or are unsure where you need to find it.

When you’re ready to start completing your tax return, you’ll need to go online and find the form. Here’s how you do that:

1.  Sign into your Personal Tax Account

This is your online HMRC account and you’ll need to enter your user ID, password and access code if you have dual authentication setup.

If you haven’t set up additional security, then I recommend you do that now. It’s extra protection for your online account and all your personal details. You can choose to get a text or email with an access code every time you login in. Although you can choose to tick the box “Remember this access code for 7 days” which will make logging in a bit quicker if you’re in the 7-day window.

find your tax return
find your tax return

Lost Your User ID or Password? Here’s how to retrieve it.

2. Once logged in you’ll see all the various things you can access:

  • manage your personal details
  • file your tax return
  • view your Income Tax estimate and find out more about your tax code
  • check how much Income Tax you paid last year
  • claim a tax refund
  • view your National Insurance record and State Pension forecast
  • manage your tax credits

You’ll need to select the option to Complete Your Tax Return

find your tax return

3. Once selected you’ll be presented with the Online Tax Return Form that you need to fill out.

The online tax return is made up of 8 main sections. Let’s work through each one.

find your tax return

While I have made every attempt to ensure the accuracy of the contents of the “Straightforward Guide To Completing Your Self-Assessment Tax Return”, I cannot accept responsibility for any losses or penalties you may incur while following the contents. I have prepared the contents for a wider audience so you may need to seek additional assistance relevant to your own personal situation.

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