What is the Personal Allowance Restriction?

The personal allowance restriction affects UK individuals who earn more than £100,000 during one tax year. It means that their personal allowance is restricted, slowly being clawed back until they lose their personal allowance in full.

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How Much is the Personal Allowance Restriction?

The personal allowance restriction is £1 for every £2 of taxable earnings over £100k. That means once income reaches £125,140 all personal allowance is lost and results in an income tax rate of 60% being applied.

personal allowance restriction
Personal Allowance Restriction

How to Avoid the Personal Allowance Restriction

Claiming for all the income tax allowances and reliefs that an individual is entitled to can help to avoid the personal allowance restriction for example by maximising tax-free contributions into a private personal pension or using the dividend allowance.



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