10 Smart Ways to Manage Your Freelance Finances

manage freelance finances

A freelancer’s flexible schedule to do the work they choose, when they want and where they want sounds appealing to many. After all, who doesn’t want to get paid for doing something they love? But it isn’t always easy. The pressure of finding work, waiting to get paid and administration can be too much for …

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5 Common Reasons (and Solutions) Your Business is Losing Money

Reasons your business is losing money

When we face turbulent times how can we survive running business? Here are 5 common problems, & solutions, why a business is losing money.

5 Effective Benefits of Business Bookkeeping

It’s something we all dread: organising our business finances! But the fact is, it’s an essential part of setting up any small business. There are numerous benefits of bookkeeping and the importance of it can make or break a business. Besides that, it’s also a legal requirement to maintain detailed financial records such as tracking …

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3 Important Reasons to Make Your Business Legal

You’ve decided to go all legal with your business venture and that’s exciting! However, when the time comes to make your business legal, it can also be a daunting process. If you’ve been developing a hobby as a side-hustle or getting professional with some freelancing skills, then maybe now’s the time to step it up …

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How Self-Employed Mortgages Work

self-employed mortgages

Find out how self-employed mortgages work, the information you’ll need to present to lenders and get some tips on maximising your chances as a sole trader.

How to Track Income and Expenses

how to track your income and expenses

Are you someone who looks at your business accounting and thinks, ‘I can’t do this!’? Maybe you’re not great at Maths or the idea of bookkeeping makes your head spin. Either way, setting up a new business as a sole trader means that you are also the boss of your own payroll department. Therefore, it’s …

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