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The Blind Person’s Allowance is an additional amount of personal allowance given to those who qualify to claim it.

The additional allowance means anyone who is eligible to earn more before paying tax.

Blind Person’s Allowance 2019/2020

The allowance changes every tax year. The current allowance is:

Tax YearAllowance
2019 to 2020£2,450
2018 to 2019£2,390

The current personal allowance rates are:

Personal Allowance£12,500£11,850
Personal Allowance Income Limit£100,000£100,000

That means for 2019/2020 anyone eligible to claim the Blind Person’s Allowance can earn up to £14,950 tax-free (£12,500 + £2,450).

Who is Eligible to Claim the Blind Person’s Allowance

If You Live in England and Wales

You can claim Blind Person’s Allowance if you’re registered as blind or severely sight impaired with your local council.

If You Live in Scotland and Northern Ireland

You can claim Blind Person’s Allowance if you are unable to do work for which eyesight is essential.

How to Claim the Blind Persons Allowance

You can claim the blind persons allowance by calling HMRC on 0300 200 3301.

Transferring Unused Allowance

You are allowed to transfer your Blind Person’s Allowance to your spouse or civil partner if you do not pay tax or cannot use all of it.

You can elect to do this by calling HMRC on 0300 200 3301.

You can also claim Marriage Allowance if you have any unused personal allowance.

Under the rules of marriage allowance, you can transfer up to 10% of any your total personal allowance to your partner.

That means they benefit from some additional tax-free earnings.

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