There are two easy ways to Find Out When You Registered as Self-Employed.

Knowing when you registered is crucial to knowing what your responsibilities are and avoiding penalties.

What Are Your HMRC Responsibilities When You’re Registered as Self-Employed?

If you are registered as self-employed you are responsible for:

There are penalties for failing to file a tax return and pay your taxes.

If you are worried you have missed filing a tax return because you are not sure when you registered as self-employed, then check when you registered in one of these 2 ways:

1. Check Your Paperwork to Find Out When You Registered as Self-Employed

When you first registered as self-employed, HMRC will have issued you a UTR number

A UTR number is a 10 Digit code posted to you in a letter. 

This letter confirms you successfully registered as self-employed, so will give an indication of when you first registered.

2. Call HMRC to Find Out When You Registered as Self-Employed

HMRC will have a record of when you registered as self employed.

You can call HMRC on:

0300 200 3310

You will need to have your UTR number ready to get through security. 

If you have lost your UTR number or aren’t sure where it is, then here’s how you can find it.

How to Check Whether You Need to File a Tax Return

Once you find out when you registered as self-employed, then next thing to do is to double check whether you need to file a tax return.

The easiest way to check is to login into your Government Gateway Account which you would have set up when you registered as self-employed.

Once logged in, your dashboard will tell you which self-assessment tax returns you need to file and when they are due.

Updated 15 April 2019


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